• 500ml
Purple Power Apple. Beets. Bottled.

We at Sir Fruit have been hanging out with our far-grown relations recently: the Vegetables. We don’t generally see them that often; they’re waaay on the other side of the garden, and the traffic is really bad. Especially when you get to the strawberries because, you know: jam. ‘These get-togethers are too infrequent,’ grumped one of our second cousins, once removed. And so we’ve decided to link up on a more permanent basis, with this partnership named Purple Power being just one example. Inside, expect apple, orange and raspberry – but then unexpect beetroot (with betacyanin), plus some other deliciously nutritious bits. It’s a family reunion in a bottle! Here’s to good health!

  • Chocked-full of goodness,
  • Earthy meets zesty meets irresistible,
  • Inspired a Prince song (it was meant to be called ‘Rain’)
Purple Power