Cocktail Mixes
  • 750ml
Mojito Hallelujah for Cuba

Our chum, Lady Ostrich, got us thinking the other day. She was sitting next to us at a bar, languidly chewing gravel (they do that), while Lord Ostrich shimmied on the dancefloor. ‘Did you know,’ she asked, ‘that we’re the fastest of all two-legged animals?’ Indeed, these avians can hit 70km/h (even off the dancefloor). And, so, we got to thinking about speed, and how it’s a thing these days. Usain. Hyperloops. Old men on skateboards. And then we imagined, entirely logically, how useful it would be to have a superfast way to whip up a cocktail. The result – trumpets please! – is Sir Fruit’s Cocktail Mixes. Deliciously made with only the good stuff, all you need do is add your favourite tipple. Or not. Entirely up to you. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to dance to Walk Like An Egyptian with two ostriches. Perfectly ordinary day at the office. Cheers!

Mojito Cocktail mix


What you need – 4 shots Sir Fruit Mojito Mix (100ml), 2 shots light rum (50ml), 2 lime wedges, 8 mint leaves, crushed ice.

  1. Combine the torn mint leaves, lime wedges, Mojito Mix and rum into a tall glass
  2. Half fill glass with ice and stir aggressively
  3. Garnish with a cap of crushed ice and a mint sprig

For a Virgin Mojito follow the same method but use 6 shots of Mojito Mix and exclude the alcohol.


Filtered Water,
Lemon Pulp,
Preservatives (Citric Acid,
Sodium Benzoate,
Potassium Sorbate)