• 500ml
Green Machine Spinach and apple, sitting in a tree…

Good news, SFFs (that’s Sir Fruit Fans, not to be confused with BFFs): veggies are here! Yep, we’ve asked some of our distant relatives – cousins spinach, cucumber, spirulina! – to join us. The result is complexedly delicious. In this example, we’ve also added apple, lemon and other nutritious bits (What grass? Wheatgrass!), to create the Green Machine. It’s a bit like the Incredible Hulk. Except a bit smaller. OK, a lot smaller. And also bottle-shaped. And also without those stretchy pants that stay on even when he, like, quadruples in size and gets all shouty. Anyway. Taunt your taste buds, prepare your papillae: green means go, baby! Here’s to good healt

  • A subtle spinach and apple blend
  • Made with the superfoods wheatgrass and spirulina
  • No leprechauns were harmed in the making
Green Machine