• 350ml
  • 500ml
  • 1.5L
  • 2L
  • 5L
GRANADILLA The grandest of granadilla.

Sure, it’s kind of purple with wrinkled skin and has the word “gran” in its name. But you won’t find our local gran(adilla) pushing a zimmer frame anytime soon. It’s more like your gran with superpowers. By day, she’s the humble granadilla, but by night she peels off her wrinkly exterior and transforms into the infamous Lady Passion Fruit. She really gets around and has made global appearances in everything from cocktails in Brazil to smoothies in Vietnam with her signature ‘tangy tango’ dance moves. Okay, so maybe Lady Passion Fruit won’t beat the bootylicious pineapple or mouth-watering mango for Exotic Beauty of the Year. Or month. But trust us. When it comes to this tangy old timer, the more wrinkled the outside, the sweeter the inside. So, the next time you see a granadilla in the supermarket, don’t be fooled by the disguise. The Lady just likes to dress up... or down. It all depends on how she has her tea.

  • Smooth juice with whole pips
  • Finally, a drink with some crunch
  • Transforms into ‘lady passion fruit’ in the dead of night
Available in bulk
Granadilla Smooth passion fruit with whole pips
Average Values 100ml 250ml
Energy 148 kJ 370 kJ
Protein 0.3 g 0.8 g
Glycemic Carbohydrate 8.3 g 20.8 g
of which total sugar 8.3 g 20.8 g
Total fat 0.1 g 0.2 g
of which saturated fat 0.02 g 0.05 g
Dietary Fibre 1.3 g 3.3 g
Total sodium 10 mg 24 mg
Vitamin C 6 mg 15 mg


Filtered Water,
Granadilla Pulp,
Reconstituted Granadilla Concentrate,
Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate,
Potassium Sorbate,
Colourant (Beta Carotene)