• 500ml
Cool carrots A carrot, apple, and mango infusion.

Yo, yo, it’s DJ ROOTS in the house! Or should that be ‘in the bottle’? Either way, why is he here? Well, as you may have heard, we’ve invited some of our distant cousins, on the vegetable side of the family tree (so to speak), to join us at Sir Fruit. It turns out that the green-tufted members of the clan are super deep house DJs – so deep, in fact, they’re underground. (We’ve had some complaints about the noise from a few potatoes, and a rather red-faced radish, but otherwise all good.) In the mix with these ‘cool carrots’ are apples and some other deliciously nutritious bits. So drop the bass, y’all, but always hold on to your Sir Fruit. Here’s to good health!

  • Moreish apples with raw carrot
  • High in vitamin C
  • Beware potential x-ray vision
Cool carrots