We’ve bulked up!

Sir Fruit’s bulk trade range has perfected the alchemy of fine flavour. Mostly pulp-based, our range of products is sought by wizened chefs and grandmaster barmen the nation over. We keep things fresh, while keeping the flesh (of the fruit). This translates to even more of the good stuff for our clients. We also go that extra mile, or miles, because all Sir Fruit products travel in style. Delivered in our super-chilled and ultra-cool fleet of vehicles, you’ll find our ranges in some of South Africa’s finest restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and cocktail bars.

  • Available in 2ℓ and 5ℓ – ideal for buffets, bars and restaurants.
  • Also available in 350ml, 500ml, and 1.5ℓ – ideal for deli’s, business canteens, hotel room service, and fridges.
  • Available in every flavour conceivable by the human mind... roughly.