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Good day weary traveler!

Sir Fruit here. But, by all means, call us ‘Fruit’ if brevity is your thing.

If the arduous task of web navigation has left you feeling parched, why not stay for a spill? Perhaps we could tempt you with a beverage or two?

No pressure of course… well, barring our new range of cold pressed fruit juices (see what we did there?). They are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Not to mention marvelously tasty, as is our entire range of fruit juices, smoothies and pulps.

So, enjoy your stay! Catch you on the flip side and such.


Tel: 011 989 7700
Fax: 011 989 7750

Cnr East & Gibbs Road,

Western Cape

Tel: 021 469 4941
Fax: 021 462 7797

190 Sir Lowry Road,
Cape Town


Tel: 031 365 0462
Fax: 031 304 2669

201 Umbilo Road,


Our supply chain is surprisingly far reaching.
For any off-planet stockist queries, please contact our interstellar regional manager Zilbog via post at Martian colony Z-56X, Gamma, Mars.