Voema - 100% Natural Energy Fruit Juice

Voema - 100% Natural Energy Fruit Juice

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What we love

Delicious citrus blend High energy guarana Rich in vitamins

We are Fixing the Nation’s Energy Crisis with a 100% plant-based energy drink.

The NEW LIMITED EDITION, NATURAL ENERGY VOEMA is a 100% fruit & vegetable juice with a delicious and unique winter blend of grapefruit, orange, black carrot, ginger & guarana. 

Guarana-Teed natural energy for all-day VOEMA!

  • High energy guarana and lekker taste
  • 250ml Voema = 1 Espresso Shot (60mg caffeine)
  • Orange and grapefruit citrus booster
  • Black carrot and ginger cold kicker
Grapefruit, Orange, Black Carrot, Ginger, Guarana